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Quality healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional patient care.

Hanover is the healthcare recruitment agency for Nursing, Staffing, and Recruitment. We help organizations to fill their staffing needs and provide a full range of services from initial staffing assessments to finding suitable employees to placing candidates in organizations. We understand healthcare is a 24/7 industry and as such requires true flexibility whereby healthcare institutions are adequately staffed around the clock.

With connections in every city across the country, we have a track record for providing timely, efficient, and effective placements. Regardless of the type of vacancy, or the length of notice required, we’ll deliver clinical staff for your organization with high-quality staffing solutions. Our commitment to excellence and our high caliber of staff means you can trust us to deliver for you.

We take our commitment to equality seriously, that's why we've partnered with the Global Equality Collective. Our team is comprised of individuals with a variety of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds which enables us to truly understand your organization and the unique needs of healthcare professionals.


Why Us?

Excellent Services

Built on service model. Have expertise running businesses 365-24-7.

Quality & Guaranteed Work

Working in for a long term working relation. Quality of work should do the talking.


Leadership has expertise building successful companies that operate globally.

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Our Vision

We're a healthcare staffing company, but we're much more than that. We offer a variety of employment options and career paths that suit the unique needs of healthcare professionals, including recruitment consultants, corporate support staff, and administrative talent.

Our Philosophy

We believe in developing healthcare personnel that not only meet the demands of their jobs but also will understand the needs of their patients and communities. Each of our employees is required to complete our certified expert training courses before starting work.

Our Mission

We aim to provide exceptional, qualified, and competent recruitment services to healthcare clients in a variety of clinical disciplines. We aim to achieve this by providing a professional, responsive and personable service to our clients.


As a trusted healthcare staffing solutions company, our core values show you our transparency and credibility.


We care about the experience of every individual and organization who works with us.

24/7 support

We provide support to our clients who work with us.

Flex staffing

Augment professionals for demand peaks on a short-term or long-term basis


Review - Rinse - Review for the best fit for your permanent professional needs


Managing VMS and centralizing HR operations in a funneled approach with no monopoly


Right tools and technology to validate and act on need from IT help or Help desk management

Custom boutique tools

Tailor fit solutions and technology that works for you. Not the other way around!

Global Reach

Some things can be remote - some things can’t be remote. Don’t worry, we have it all!


We care about the experience of every individual and organization who works with us.