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Nursing Categories

We offer a wide range of nursing and healthcare assistant positions across the world.

 Whether you are searching for a new career or looking to enhance your current one, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Employers at Hanover Medzone offer you opportunities across the NHS and the private sector through our permanent and temporary contracts. As a company that offers you thousands of job opportunities across the globe, we are proud to offer our staff a career path committed to providing healthcare professionals with outstanding support.

  • Help your career move forward by securing a nursing salary that’s better than average.
  • Enjoy free training.
  • Get support with revalidation and appraisals, plus thousands of shifts across NHS and private healthcare providers.


Behavioral care

  • Behavioral Care Nursing Services offer a wide range of services.
  • Help clients manage their mental health and wellness.
  • Medication management and therapy to specialty treatments, we offer a wide range of nursing services.

Step down unit

  • Our staff are highly trained in how to treat your condition and how to ensure that you get the best outcome.
  • Equipment for continuous monitoring of the ECG
  • Recording of planned doses of drugs

Labor and delivery

  • Our team of nurses and staff are here to provide a personalized experience for you and the new baby, from the moment you arrive until your family has returned home.
  • During pregnancy and childbirth, we work with patients to help them prepare for their new baby by coordinating care personnel and ensuring that they receive the support they need.

Specialty care

  • The goal of the specialty care unit is to provide you with a short-term path to recovery.
  • Each patient will receive an individualized treatment program, which may include pain control, relaxation therapy, and other supportive services.
  • Our experienced medical professionals and rehabilitation staff provide each patient with the care needed to improve his or her quality of life. We work together to help each patient reach their desired treatment goals.

Operating room

  • Our operating room professionals are highly trained, and certified and work seamlessly with members of your surgical team.
  • We're committed to making your operating room run as smoothly as possible.


  • We build relationships with your family and physicians, using that relationship to provide the most effective care for you and your child.
  • The team of pediatricians is dedicated to keeping you healthy and safe.
  • Our team of pediatricians is dedicated to keeping your family healthy, safe, and well-informed. We provide a clinical experience focused on your child's health needs today and tomorrow.


  • Telemetry nurses are registered nurses who work in the intensive care unit or the emergency department. They monitor vital signs and rapidly respond to any sudden changes in patient status.
  • Telemetry nurses specialize in transferring patients from one location to another. They work with physicians and other staff to identify patients in need of care and make sure that every person who needs to go somewhere gets there safely.

OP Assistance

  • Nurses are integral to outpatient healthcare settings and are needed to provide effective patient care.
  • Nurse staffing was significantly associated with better patient outcomes, lower costs and lower nurse turnover due to increased satisfaction.


  • Pulmonologists are people who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Pulmonologists have a broad skill set that includes treating patients in the intensive care unit and someone who can provide life-saving care for patients who are experiencing respiratory issues.